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How to make a Complaint

MONKLANDS Women’s Aid aims to provide a high quality standard of service. If we fail to do this it is important that we know about it. This will enable us not only to deal with the specific problem, but also help us to improve our quality of service.


MONKLANDS Women’s Aid Complaints Procedure sets out how service users can make a complaint about the service they have received.

A complaint can be about any aspect of the service for example -

 avoidable delay, poor quality service or lack of service
 unfairness, bias or prejudice in the way services are provided
 the attitude or approach of staff.

How to make a complaint
A complaint can be made in the following ways:
In person
By telephone
By letter
By e-mail
The Procedure
When someone wishes to register a complaint, the following procedure will be adopted. A complainant has the right to make a formal complaint if they wish to do so. However, it is often quicker and easier if the problem can be resolved informally.

Stage 1 - Informal Resolution
This stage may be used to advise a member of staff of a particular problem allowing them to resolve the matter at first hand.

The complaint can be made in person or on the phone, the member of staff will take an accurate note of the details of the complaint, what solution is being sought and let the person know when the matter will be resolved.

The worker will inform the service user of the action to be taken if the complaint cannot be resolved immediately.

Time Limit
Complaints will be acknowledged within 3 working days and the complainant advised of the outcome within 10 working days.

Stage 2 Formal Complaints Procedure
If the complainant remains dissatisfied, or does not want to involve the worker directly responsible for the service, then a complaint should be made in writing to the management team or CEO MONKLANDS Women’s Aid marked Private and Confidential. A Complaints Form is also available from MONKLANDS Women’s Aid which can be used to detail the complaint.

A formal complaint should provide as much information as possible about what the problem is and how the complainant would like to see it resolved.

MONKLANDS Women’s Aid will then investigate the complaint and attempt to resolve it.

MONKLANDS Women’s Aid will write to the complainant summarising what investigations have been carried out and what action, if any, is proposed to resolve the matter. A copy of this letter should be attached to the complaint form.

Time Limit
All formal complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 3 working days. MONKLANDS Women’s Aid will respond to the complainant following an investigation of the complaint within 10 working days of the complaint being received. Where it is not possible to complete an investigation of a complaint within this time limit MONKLANDS Women’s Aid will write to the complainant to advise them of an alternative timescale.

Stage 3 Appeals Procedure
If the complainant does not feel that MONKLANDS Women’s Aid have resolved the complaint satisfactorily, they should write to the Appeals Panel of MONKLANDS Women’s Aid.
The Manager will provide the Appeals Panel, with all previous written correspondence and information in connection with the complaint.

The Appeals Panel will also contact any staff member(s) if a complaint concerns them.

The Appeals Panel will review the decision made at Stage 2 and may seek further clarification from any of the parties involved.

Time Limit
The Chair of the Appeals Panel will acknowledge receipt of the letter within 3 working days.
The Appeals Panel will notify the complainant of its reasons and decisions within 28 days of having received notice of the complaint. The Panel's decision will be final. The Chair of the Appeals Panel is responsible for ensuring records of the meeting are kept and the Complaints Monitoring form is completed.
4. The Care Inspectorate
If the complaint concerns a service that is registered with the Care Inspectorate the service user can complain directly to them.

How to make a complaint to the Care Inspectorate

A complaint can be made at any office of the Care Inspectorate or at its Headquarters in Dundee. Complaints can be made in writing, by telephone or in person or by email by logging on to their website at www.careinspectorate.com

5. Independent Advice or Information
Before deciding to make a formal complaint, the complainant may want to get independent advice. This can be obtained for example from Citizens Advice Bureaux and Solicitors, a list of local advice agencies is attached as an appendix.

6. Confidentiality
All complaints are treated confidentially. Only those dealing with complaints and if the complaint is about a specific member(s) of staff then the staff member(s) involved, will be aware that a complaint has been received and is being dealt with. Anonymous requests will be acted upon; however it is better to provide contact details so that the complainant can be informed of the outcome.

7. Aggressive or Obsessive Complaints
MONKLANDS Women’s Aid wants to deal fairly and honestly with complainants and ensure that other service users, staff or the organisation as a whole do not suffer detriment from persons making vexatious complaints. MONKLANDS Women’s Aid solicitor will write to vexatious complainants to inform them that their behaviour is considered to be unacceptable.

8. Recording and Monitoring Complaints
All complaints will be recorded and kept on file, including those which were resolved without being put in writing.

9. Publicising the Procedure
MONKLANDS Women’s Aid will provide information on the Complaints Procedure to all users of its services. Information on the Complaints Procedure will be provided in information given to service users and will also be displayed on notice boards in the office or other premises. Full copies of the policy will be available on request from MONKLANDS Women’s Aid.


04 February 2021

How to make a Complaint

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