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What the Children and Young people get up too...

Through a series of workshops and activites we have been working with young people in school to raise awareness of domestic abuse, what a healthy relationship looks like, what influences our decisions, consent and healthy coping strategies.  This is a 6 week programme called " My Life, My world" 

We also provide a programme called "Day".  This is unique multimedia programme that uses short films, advertisements, and chart music to raise awareness and provide education about domestic abuse and exploitation in a relevant and exciting way. It is designed to be used with young people over the age of 14, although can be adapted for use with young people over 11 years old. It challenges detrimental mind-sets about abuse and exploitation, explores how beliefs inform behaviour, and looks at the role of the media in reinforcing unhealthy beliefs.

For more information on the above programmes please contact us on 01236 432061 or info@monklandswomensaid.org.uk




We provide weekly fun activities and school holiday outings which is currently funded by Children In Need. 


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